Buying or Selling – You’ll Want Us On Your Team

Residential Real Estate

Protecting Your Interests

How We

You’ve found the perfect home to buy or the perfect buyers for a property you already own…now what? If you’re working with a Realtor, they will help you execute a contract and you’ll want to ensure Aparicio Law is identified as your lawyer on the contract so we receive an executed copy and can begin to protect your interests. If you’re buying or selling “For Sale By Owner,” contact us so we can assist you with the contract.

In addition to assisting both purchasers and sellers of residential properties, we also help with Short-Sales, reinstatements in Foreclosure, Liens against real estate, and litigation.

What We Assist with in a Typical

Real Estate Transaction

  • Obtaining mortgages or financing, and resolving mortgage disputes 
  • Contract review, explanation, and negotiation including closing cost credit upon review of inspection report, as applicable, or negotiate any potential inspection issues raised through attorney review period  
  • Confirm required documents are recorded with the county  
  • Ensure proper ownership of your new property  
  • Order and review your title and address any issues that may arise  
  • Order and review the survey of your property  
  • Prepare and review all documents for closing, including the property deed to ensure proper transfer of ownership to the buyers  
  • Attend closing to explain all documents relating to title, mortgage, taxes, and the transfer of deed   

We've Got Your Back

On Your Team

Usually, you’re armed with a team to help facilitate a successful real estate transaction. This team often includes a Lender, Realtor, Attorney, and an Inspector. We take our role in this process very seriously.

What to Expect from Us