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1. Experience or specialization, 2. “Fit” with the practice, 3. Price / value. In that order.

Experience or specialization: Law offices specialize in certain areas to ensure they’re well-practiced and knowledgeable of all the latest legal developments. A family law attorney can help with a real estate transaction, for example, but that doesn’t mean this is the right attorney for your need. Just as you would go to a cardiothoracic surgeon for open heart surgery, not an optometrist, it is highly recommended that you seek out an attorney that specializes in your area of need.

“Fit” with the practice: While we know everyone values different things, our approach is tailored to match the type of experience we would want as a client. We take a hands-on approach to all matters our office handles – Attorney Aparicio is involved with each client, even when communication is with his highly capable team. Additionally, you’ll find that our communication and style approachable – we believe our job, in addition to protecting our clients, is to make legal processes understandable, efficient, and as straightforward as possible, even when they’re not. This is different than the type of experience you would have with a larger firm, for example.

Price / value: Price is, of course, a consideration. However, bear in mind that the role of your lawyer is to protect you through what may be one of the largest purchases or sales you make in your lifetime. The price difference between different law firms may be a hundred dollars – you’ll want to ensure you’re considering the above elements and the overall value of what you’re receiving.

When your Realtor helps you execute the contract, ensure ALO is identified as your lawyer on the contract so we receive a copy of the contract once executed and can begin to protect your interests. 

Yes, our office is bilingual and offers full services in Spanish as well as English. We can also provide a referral for Spanish speaking clients looking for a lawyer who practices personal injury, trust, criminal, or divorce. We also provide referrals for Polish speaking clients.

, nuestra oficina es bilingüe y ofrece servicios completos tanto en español como en inglés. También podemos proporcionar una referencia para clientes de habla hispana que buscan un abogado que practique lesiones personales, fideicomiso, penal o divorcio. También proporcionamos referencias para clientes de habla polaca.

After both buyer and seller execute a Multi-Board Residential Real Estate Contract 7.0, the contract will be sent to our office. Most, if not all, standard contracts will have clause from the date the contract is executed for an “Attorney Review” period. At that time, we will draft modifications to the contract, raise due diligence requests, and any inspection repairs identified by the client. Often, the Attorney Review period is concluded within the five-day period and sometimes it is extended for additional days. After the Attorney Review is concluded, the rest of the process is largely driven by the type of financing, the type of sale, and the planned closing date identified in the contract. Our office will monitor the loan, draft amendments/addenda, and ensure that title is clean. On average, you may expect 45 to 60 days from contract to close; however, subject to municipal requirements and efficient financing / attorney review, a close within 30 days is possible.

When you’ve identified a home or buyer, please contact our office and we can help provide contract guidance.  

As a boutique firm, Attorney Aparicio is involved in each matter and transaction, working closely alongside his awesome team.